Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Late Night Pick: Prince

I've been a huge Prince fan since the "1999" album (yes, I know I just dated myself severely) to the extent that I own just about everything he put out on Warner Brothers, albums and 12" singles. I still get his new albums when he puts them out and there are always at least a few great tracks on them. Tonight, Tavis Smiley will be doing a highlights show of his past interviews with Prince. This should be interesting because Prince doesn't, and never has, done too many intereviews so any peek into the mad genius that is Prince is welcome. Tavis Smiley is on channel 57 here in Richmond at 3 AM (set those DVRs, people). For those of you elsewhere, check your local PBS listings. Here's the latest from Prince, "Rock & Roll Love Affair". Watch it quick before the Prince YouTube police yank it.