Monday, January 30, 2012

Late Night Pick of the Night: Fishbone; Springsteen Ticketmaster woes

Tonight was an easy late night pick.  One of the greatest ska-punk-funk bands of all time will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight on ABC at 12:05 AM: FISHBONE!  There are few bands I will get into a mosh pit for.  I usually like to hang back and listen to the band rather than worry about getting stomped on.  However, when Fishbone plays "Party at Ground Zero", I just have to jump in and mix it up.  I must say that I've lost touch with Fishbone over the last few years but they've got a new album out so it's time to check them out tonight and see what's going on.

For those of you who tried to get Springsteen tickets on Saturday, it looks like you had a tough time.  Read the article about that HERE.  I passed as I decided not to deal with DC and have to take at least a 1/2 day off from work the next day; I was away from home and didn't want to lug my laptop around to a wi-fi spot; and I've thrown about $1500 into repairs on the two cars over the last few weeks.  I'll just have to hope he comes to Richmond or C'ville on the second leg.  I did check on the ticket search engine site, SeatGeek, and despite the use of paperless tickets (you need the credit card you bought the tickets with to get in) and the Ticketmaster issues, there are 320 listings for tickets out there with an average asking price of $473.  So I guess the brokers and scalpers did OK.