Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Late Night Pick: Phantogram, RIP Bob Casale (Devo)

It's good to have the Tonight Show back in our Late Night loop now that Jimmy Fallon has taken over. Wasn't a huge fan of Leno and then really didn't like him after he screwed over Letterman and Conan. But he's gone out to pasture now (hopefully).

However, we aren't going to go to the Tonight Show tonight. They've got Lady Gaga on and while I admire her outrageousness and boundary pushing, her music generally make me go, "meh".

So tonight we'll go with indie-electronic-rock group Phantogram on Jimmy Kimmel Live at 11:35 PM on ABC. As a bonus, Jimmy will also have the world premiere of the trailer for the new Marvel flick, "Guardians of the Galaxy", which promises to be unlike any other super hero movie. As a minus, Bill O'Reilly is a guest tonight. But that's what DVRs are for.  But back to Phantogram, whose new album, "Voices", came out today. Here's "When I'm Small" from Phantogram's debut album "Eyelid Movies":

Speaking of electronica, Bob Casale, guitarist and founding member of pioneering electronic/new wave group, Devo, passed away suddenly at the age of 61. HERE is the obit from Rolling Stone magazine. And here's Devo's "Freedom of Choice":