Friday, February 7, 2014

Late Nigh Pick: Paul & Ringo?, Jimmy Fallon's last Late Night

We'll make two picks tonight. It's the end of Beatles week on Late Show with David Letterman who does the show in the Ed Sullivan Theater. There are rumors that the two surviving Beatles, Paul & Ringo, may make an appearance. If they don't, don't stone me. But it might be worth checking out just to see. Late Show is on at 11:35 PM on CBS.

It's also Jimmy Fallon's last Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The next time we see Jimmy he'll be hosting the Tonight Show and Seth Myers will be in the Late Night slot. That all starts after the Olympics. Andy Samberg and The Muppets will be guests on that show. Knowing how much Jimmy likes music, there may be a special music guest there too. Late Night is on NBC at 12:35 AM.

Here's an older clip when Paul McCartney played on top of the Late Show marquee in 2009: