Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Late Night Pick of the Night: Bono

We're going back to Comedy Central tonight for the Late Night Pick of the Night.  This time it's the Daily Show with John Stewart's turn.  Bono from U2 will be on.  Not sure if he'll perform anything.  But he's always interesting and I'll want to see if John will jibe him a little for the Spiderman musical debacle.  I saw a song from the Spiderman musical during the Macy's parade broadcast, you know, when they are killing time the first hour while they wait for the parade to reach Macy's so they show all the Broadway stuff.  It was pretty brutal.  The choreography was ridiculous and the costumes even more so.  The Green Goblin looked like a fat piece of broccoli.  Kraven the Hunter and Carnage looked like they were action figures for three-year-olds.