Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marco Benevento Trio @ Capital Ale House

Wanted to let you know about a show tonight at the Capital Ale House downtown. The Marco Benevento Trio will be playing there with doors opening at 8 and tickets $15. Here's what the Capital Ale House site says about the band:

"Long a cult favorite on the East Coast jam-band/avant-jazz circuit, this 31-year-old keyboardist/"sound sculptor" has been building a nationwide following for some jaw-dropping improvisational skills, a no-genres-barred approach and a globe-trotting touring schedule. His first studio release, the spacey yet approachable "Invisible Baby," landed Benevento’s trio at the 2008 JVC Jazz Festival, and there’s no limit to where his next album will take him. Built around Benevento’s shape-shifting acoustic piano and backed by an adventurous rhythm section of Matt Chamberlain and Reed Mathis, the record offers deconstructed reinterpretations of indie favorites such as My Morning Jacket, Beck and Deerhoof while flirting with straight-ahead jazz on his own compositions, like the lovely "Mephisto." Seemingly incapable of resisting an unexplored musical direction, Benevento can, essentially, do just about anything, which makes him exactly the kind of force that deserves notice in today’s contemporary jazz world."

Here's they are doing "Twin Killer" last month at the NYC Winter Jazz Fest:

I'll have the full update for the weekend later tonight including info on a band Marco Benevento's frequent collaborator, drummer Joe Russo, is in now. See you then.

Tony Jordan