Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craig Ferguson Leaving "Late Late Show:; Late Night Pick: Semi Precious Weapons

Craig Ferguson announced Monday that he's leaving the "Late Late Show" on CBS at the end of the year. There has never been a talk show quite like Craig's "Late Late Show" and his brand of insanity will definitely be missed. I guess I won't make it onto the show so I'll always have to decide if I would choose "awkward silence" or "dance with a horse". Oh, come on, it's no contest! I would definitely "dance with the horse"! The good news is that Craig is not retiring so we'll see him around. HERE'S the story about him leaving.

Tonight's Late Night Pick is alternative/indie/hard/glitter/glam/dance/punk band Semi Precious Weapons on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight at 1:35 AM on NBC. Here are they are with a song they named after themselves or vice versa: