Thursday, March 6, 2014

Late Night Pick: Drive-By Truckers

Another easy pick for me. My favorite band of the last decade, Drive-By Truckers, will be on Conan tonight on TBS at 11 PM. Unfortunately, this is the closest I'm going to get to a DBT live show for a while as I can't make it to their show at The National on 3/15. But I will be heading out to get their critically acclaimed (as usual) new album, English Oceans, which just came out Tuesday. I will be heading out this weekend to pick up the album at Plan 9 and get back into that seedy Southern gothic DBT world of alcohol, adultery, murder and down on their luck characters that will occassionally touch your heart. Here's DBT doing "Righteous Path" on "Austin City Limits" a few years back:

Here's the three songs Prince did last night on the Arsenio Hall show. Two new ones and one of my favorite b-sides (a-side was "Raspberry Beret". Kids, ask your parents what an a-side and a b-side were), "She's Always in my Hair":