Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scott H. Biram, Colin Hay, Late Night Pick: John Mayer

Rowdy gutbucket bluesman Scott H. Biram will be at The Camel tonight. Tix are $10, doors open at 8 and music starts with opener, Black Pistol Fire. Scott has a new album coming out in February so you may hear some new songs tonight. Here's Scott filmed for the Independent Music Awards. There is a short interview and then the music begins at about 0:45.

Over at the John Marshall Ballroom tonight, Colin Hay of Men at Work fame (not to be confused with Men Without Hats) will perform solo. Don't think it will just be a Men at Work hits show, though I'm sure he'll play some of those hits. He's been solo and consistently putting out good music since 1987. Doors open at 7 tonight, show will start at 8. I don't see any mention of an opener listed anywhere so get in on time just to be safe. The Houston Chronicle said, "Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he’ll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you". Here's Colin performing "Waiting for My Real Life to Begin":

For tonight's Late Night Pick, check out John Mayer on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC at 11:35 PM.

More on this weekend's many festivals coming tonight!

Tony Jordan