Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Three Sheets to the Wind, Trongone Band, Late Night Pick: Justin Timberlake

At The Camel tonight (Thursday), pop/rock band A Great Big Pile of Leaves heads up a big show with five, count 'em, five bands. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30. It's $10 to get in. Opening the show will be Goldtooth, Sugar Glyder, Herro Sugar (I hope we don't get diabetes with all this sugar), and Sainthood Reps. The Grantland web site included AGBPOL's album, "You're Always On My Mind" on their list of The Forgotten Pop-Punk Records of Summer. Here's "Slumber Party" from the album:

Yacht rock cover band, Three Sheets to the Wind, will be at Tobacco Company tonight. Show goes from 9 PM until midnight and it's FREE. In their honor, here's some classic yacht rock from England Dan & John Ford Coley doing "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight":

If you want classic rock without the yacht, go see Trongone Band tonight at Cary St. Cafe. Show starts at 10 PM and it's FREE.

For the Late Night Pick, we'll go back to the repeat of Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for Justin Timberlake at 12:35 AM on NBC.

Full weekend highlights later tonight.

Tony Jordan