Thursday, January 3, 2013

Late Night Pick: Father John Misty, RIP Patti Page

Happy New Year! Hope you have recovered from your hangovers by now. Let's get right back into things, well, not right back, since we are highlighting a repeat tonight. Americana artist Father John Misty will be on a Conan repeat tonight on TBS at 11 PM and the repeat will be repeated at 1 AM. The always sexy, always foul-mouthed, always funny Sarah Silverman is on the show too. I beleive this is the famous (or infamous) vagina episode. The whole time I watched "Wreck-It Ralph", I kept waiting for the little girl (Sarah does the voice) to start spouting obscenities. Perhaps there will be outtakes on the Blu-Ray. Or not.

Here's a recent video of Father John doing some karoke on the recent music festival/party boat trip SS Cochella singing R. Kelly's " I Believe I Can Fly". And the dude nails it. Talk about unlikely pairings. BTW, some NSFW language toward the end.

Patti Page of "Tennessee Waltz" fame, passed away at the age of 85 on New Year's Day. She was the best-selling female artist of the 50's and had shows on all the three of the big TV networks of the day (ABC, CBS, NBC in case you were born after 1990). Here she is with her signature song: