Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Late Night Pick: Andrew Bird; Levon Helm is Gonna Die; Mickey Hart: "We Weren't a Girl Scouts troop"

Tonight, check out Andrew Bird on a repeat of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Late Night is on NBC at 12:35 AM. You can check out video of Andrew performing a few songs from his latest album "Break It Yourself" solo at Rolling Stone Studios HERE.

In sad news, it looks like we are about to lose one of the all-time greats, Levon Helm, of The Band. A message on Levon's web site says that he is in the final stages of his battle with cancer. Read the full story HERE.

In happier news, HERE'S a short interview with the always funny, mystic and excitable Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. My favorite quote; "
I don't think there could be a Grateful Dead now. I mean, considering the laws of the country. We were a bunch of outlaws running about the country, ingesting psychoactive drugs, playing this amazing music from another time and space. So we were exploring a new musical topography. It would be really hard to get away with that these days, especially going through airports and everything – borders. Let's think about the reality of being the Grateful Dead: We weren't a Girl Scouts troop. So it had its dangers. But the upside was more than the dangers of being in it. And everybody loved each other."