Friday, January 20, 2012

Future Islands, Black Girls, No BS Brass Band, DJ Williams Projekt

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The weekend starts with a lot of local music on Friday night.  No BS Brass Band will be at The Camel.  Show starts at 9 with The AstroNotts and it's $7 to get in.

DJ Williams Projekt will be at the Tobacco Company on Friday.  The show starts at 9:30 and is FREE.  Here's the band playing at Cafe Diem on 12/27/11 doing a little "Tighten Up" jam:

Black Girls will be at Balliceaux on Friday.  Chris Bopst had an article about Black Girls in the Times-Dispatch last Thursday (read it HERE) in which he said, "In my 30-plus years seeing live music, I have never seen a band with more commercial potential than Black Girls. And it is a natural charisma they possess. It isn't calculated or contrived in any way."  The show starts at 10:30 and it's $5 to get in.  Here's the band performing "Broadway":

Black Girls - Broadway from Todd Raviotta on Vimeo.

Electro-pop band Future Islands will be at The Camel on Monday night.  It's $10 to get in.  Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30 with Canary oh Canary and Ed Schrader's Music Beat.  This is the first show of their tour so they should be revved up and ready to go.  Here's Future Islands "Balance" from their latest album "On The Water":

Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan