Monday, December 5, 2011

Late Night Pick of the Night: Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams webcast, The Angriest Guitar Player Ever

Tonight alt-country troubadour Ryan Adams will be on Letterman at 11:35 PM on CBS.  Also, on Jonah Hill, talking about the new movie "The Sitter", and the very sexy Kristen Johnston.   There will also be a Ryan Adams concert webcast live from Letterman's Ed Sullivan Theater starting tonight at 8 PM.  Click the Letterman link above to get there.

Here is the Angriest Guitar Player in the World, courtesy of my friend, Tony Schott.  If you are in the South Jersey area, be on the lookout for the Tony Schott Band.  He plays much better than this guy.  BTW, beware if you watch this at work.  There is much cursing, though it's in a British accent so just tell people you are watching the latest BBC documentary and that it's OK because you are getting some culture: