Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NPR: Pop's Punching Bag: Hating The Black Eyed Peas

From the NPR blog, "The Record", comes this article called Pop's Punching Bag: Hating The Black Eyed Peas.  (Thanks, Joan!)  In it the writer, gives six reasons people give for hating the BEP and then tries to knock those reasons down.  But I don't think its any one of these reasons why people (including myself) hate BEP.  Its because of ALL of the reasons.  They have managed to take all those things and wrap them up into one annoying, over-commercialized package.

In the end though, music is subjective and if you like them and you can dance to them, more power to you.  But I don't want to hear them.  I'll be happy when they're gone.  And I don't think they will one day be lauded and critically acclaimed. I think they will be one of those bands people hear 10 years from now and cringe and go "Wow, I can't beleive people liked that in the '00's".