Thursday, June 16, 2011

North Mississippi Allstars Duo, David Grisman Sextet, Phish, Rock at the Mosque

Thursday night's Groovin' in the Garden at MAYMONT will feature the North Mississippi All-Stars Duo and the Felice Brothers.  Tix are $18 in advance, $23 at the gate.  Gates open at 5:30, show starts with the Felice Brothers around 6:30.  North Mississippi All-Stars Duo is brothers Luther Dickinson (guitar, formerly of Black Crowes) and Cody Dickinson (drums, percussion).  I wasn't sure how these guys would sound but I watched their performance on the Mountain Jam webcast and they were great.  Even though its just two guys they were really able to get a variety of different sounds on each song, often through the use of different instruments including Luther on a homemade guitar at one point and Cody playing the electric washboard.  Here's a nice segment from their show in NYC on 6/6/11:

Friday Cheers brings us the great David Grisman Sextet with local act The Hot Seats opening.  Tix are $5 at the gate and things get under way at Brown's Island at 6:30.  Here's what the Cheers site says about David Grisman, if you don't already know; "For nearly half a century, mandolinist/composer/bandleader/producer David Grisman has been a guiding force in the evolving world of acoustic music. His musical range is wide and deep — embracing many styles, genres and traditions.
An acoustic pioneer and innovator, David forged a unique personal artistic path, skillfully combining elements of the great American music/art forms — jazz and bluegrass with many international flavors and sensibilities to create his own distinctive idiom — “Dawg” music (the nickname given him by Jerry Garcia). In doing so, he’s inspired new generations of acoustic string musicians, while creating his own niche in contemporary music."
Here's the David Grisman Sextet with a couple guys from Punch Brothers joining them in NYC in April:

Sunday, I am off to see Phish at nTelos Pavilion in Portsmouth (not to be confused with nTelos Pavilion in Charlottesville.  Wait, that is confusing).  This is probably the smallest venue on the tour (7500 seats) and is the last show of this leg, before their Super Ball IX festival.  The show is sold out but if you're going, showtime is 7:30.  And if you're going, give me a call.  Maybe we can meet up.  Here is Phish doing "The Curtain With" in Camden NJ on 6/10/11 and its quite snazzy.  The last, oh, seven minutes or so feature some amazing guitar work by Trey Anastasio and band interplay:

Phish - 6/10/11 "The Curtain With" from Phish on Vimeo.

A few loose ends.  Wyatt sent along this cool site that tells the history of a number of rock shows in the 60's at The Mosque aka The Landmark Theater here in Richmond.  Lots of pics of newspaper ads and reviews.  I love the quote from the review of The Who playing there in '68: "As a display of the kind of music much of the younger generation enjoys more than any other, last night's program showed at least one thing: there is a definite style and direction to this hard rock music, and the groups who performed at the Mosque are serious about it.  If it weren't all so loud, though, the older generation might dig it more."  Here's the link:

Neil Young has a new album out called "A Treasure" which captures live performances with his country band, The International Harvesters, on their 1986 tour.  It got 4 out of 5 stars from Rolling Stone and you can listen to the whole album HERE.  Thanks to Joan for passing that one along.

I had to go back to May to find the last time we checked in with Moviefone's Best Music Scenes In Movies list.  This is #38 from the great Woody Allen film "Annie Hall".  I watched "Annie Hall" again recently and was reminded of what a great, heartbreaking movie it is and why it turned Diane Keaton into a star.  Her depiction of Annie is complex and subtle and she's beautiful, poignant, vulnerable and sexy, and you can't help but fall in love with her.  And she can sing:

In the Paste Magazine 25 Best Music Videos of 2010 we are up to (down to?) #3 and its good to see that we may complete this list before they come out with their 25 Best Music Videos of 2011.  I just heard this song again today and its the happiest blow-off song ever, now ain't that some s**t.  The song is fantastic and the video makes it better.  I still crack up when Cee-Lo is crying "Whyyyyy?  Whyyyy?".  Yes, turn up your speakers and dance, or turn them down and put on your headphones if you're at work or the kids are around, it's Cee-Lo Green's "F**k You".

And here's Prince's "Raspberry Beret" just because it reminds of this time of year:

Raspberry Beret - Prince by abelflexes

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Have a great weekend! See you at the Phish show!

Tony Jordan