Thursday, June 9, 2011

Late Night Pick of the Night: Neil Peart

It's drum solo week on Letterman and you won't see a better drum solo than one from tonight's guest, Rush's Neil Peart. 

I am not a huge fan of drum solos.  Usually I find them boring time-killers so the rest of the band can smoke a doob and I use the time to go pee and get a beer (see last November's Black Crowes show).  There are only a few that come to mind as being worthwhile, one being the Grateful Dead's nightly drum duet with Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart, though they had so many weird types of percussion, looping, surround sound and a killer light show that it was not a standard drum solo and more of a sonic landscape.  Neil Peart is probably the only other drum solo that I won't miss.  Interesting and rhythmically intricate, it's not one to miss.  And if you've seen the Rush documentary, you know that he is a student of drumming to this day.  So check out Neil tonight on Letterman.

I was also pleased to see that when I Google "Rush" the band's web site comes up higher than Rush Limbaugh.  There is hope for this world yet.