Friday, April 1, 2011

Guggenheim Grotto, Janis Ian, VCU, Limelight, DJ Williams Projekt

I think all music is overshadowed this weekend by the VCU game that has set the town on Fi-yah!  Speaking of that, The National will be hosting a party to watch the VCU game on a giant screen on stage and the many HDTVs around the venue.  Doors open at 5, the game starts at 6 and its $3 to get in.  For that price, you then also get to stick around and watch the Rush tribute band, Limelight.  I don't know if the prices go up after the game if you just want to see Limelight, but The National site says that tix just to see Limelight and opener, Richmond Engine #3 (Primus tribute band), are $12.50.  Here's a preview of Limelight:

If you want to see some original music after the game, head over to The Camel to see Richmond bands, DJ Williams Projekt and opener, The Mantras.  Show starts at 9 PM.  The Camel web site doesn't indicate whether there will be any cover charge, but if there is, it will be minimal.  Here is DJ Williams Projekt at Camp Barefoot last August:

Also on Saturday night, The Guggenheim Grotto will be at Ashland Coffee & Tea.  The show starts at 8.  Tix are $15 in advance, $20 day of show.  The AC&T site says, "heady mix of pop, folk and soaring melodies around ever present vocal harmonies : “With debts to both Radiohead and The Beatles, this is modern, intelligent, lyrically potent pop.” – The Boston Herald
Over the past three years Mick Lynch and Kevin May of pop/folk act The Guggenheim Grotto have touched U.S. and U.K. audiences in a way the duo couldn’t have imagined. From setting out as Dublin songwriter circuit regulars alongside artists like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, to building a devoted cult following in the U.S. with warm embraces from media and competitive iTunes charting, the band has captivated audiences and tastemakers on both sides of the pond with its mix of poetic, often literature-inspired lyrics set to timeless, soaring pop melodies." 
Here is The Guggenheim Grotto performing "Just Not Just" in 2010 (song starts around :30, that's not them playing the funky opening theme, at least I don't think so):

On Wednesday night, Janis Ian of "At Seventeen" fame will be playing at Ashland Coffee & Tea.  The show will start at 8 PM.  Tix are $27 in advance, $32 day of show.  Here is what it says on the AC&T site about Janis: "Who are the great songwriters in America today? Not the most popular. Not the richest. Simply the greats. Ask any student of the form, and Janis Ian will be counted among them The writer of “Jesse” “Stars” artists as diverse as Mel Torme and Cher; and the seminal “At Seventeen” brought her five Grammy nominations (the most any solo female artist had ever garnered) in 1975, and which is now reaching its third generation of listeners. Ian is a formidable talent, a force of nature. Ella Fitzgerald called her “The best young singer in America”. Chet Atkins said “Singer? You ought to hear that girl play guitar; she gives me a run for my money!” Reviewers have called her live performances “overwhelming to the spirit and soul”, and “drenched with such passion, the audience feels they’ve been swept up in a hurricane.” Not to mention her short stories, her songs for film and television… and oh, yes. She also runs a foundation, named for her mother, that works with various universities and colleges to supply scholarships for returning students; they’ve raised over $300,000 to date! The glowing reviews come as no surprise to Ian’s loyal fan base, who give her website a stunning quarter million hits per year – even though she hasn’t had a top twenty record here in three decades. Nor to the computer community, who adopted her article “The Internet Debacle” as their Bible against the RIAA’s fight to stop downloaded music. Nor her international fan base, who flock to her concerts and allow her to play sold-out concert halls in Holland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and others too numerous to mention. Nor the science fiction community, who embraced her anthology “Stars” with glowing reviews like the one from Publisher’s Weekly that begins “This dazzling, highly original anthology….” Quite a broad spectrum of interests and communities, for a woman who started her life on a New Jersey chicken farm in 1951."  Here she is doing "At Seventeen" on the old "Midnight Special" show:

If you ever wondered what the 10 most disliked videos on YouTube are, check this out:  Unsurprisingly, most are Justin Bieber videos.  I tried to watch the Rebecca Black, "Friday" video just to see what all the fuss was about and I only made it a minute before I wanted to shove hot needles into my ears, though that will never erase the memories.   The horror, the horror.  You'll have to follow the link above to the videos if you want to try for yourself.  I refuse to let that video and song besmirch my blog.

This week's Best Music Scene in Movies is from "Reality Bites".  I don't believe I have ever danced around a convenience store while stoned.  Usually I just want to get my Slim Jim, Butterfinger and Snapple and get the hell out.  But, whatever (see that's me adopting my Gen X ennui).

I just saw that Snooki was going to be on the next Wrestlemania.  You knew that was coming.  It was destiny.

In our Paste Magazine 25 Best Music Videos of 2010 countdown, here is Hollarado doing "Americanarama" with the help of 24 of their friends.  This is a pretty clever video and the song reminds me of something Cracker or Camper Van Beethoven would have done in the late 80s. 

Ok, nighty night.  Have a great weekend.  GO VCU!

Tony Jordan