Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Phish Download


"Live Bait Vol. 03" Available Now

To commemorate Phish's upcoming New Year's Run, including a double-header in Worcester, "Phish: Live Bait Vol. 03", a new five-track Phish sampler, is available for download now at for free.

We're giving away "Phish: Live Bait Vol. 03", which features tracks (all previously unreleased) from Phish's past Legendary Worcester performances. Yep, this includes the 58-plus minute Runaway Jim from 11/29/97. Share it with your friends, pass the link around, trade the MP3s freely. The tracks were cherry-picked and are fully mixed soundboard recordings.

Click here to stream "Phish: Live Bait Vol. 03" now or download MP3s - absolutely free.

Phish: Live Bait Vol. 03 Tracklisting

1. Countdown/Auld Lang Syne > (12/31/93 Worcester Centrum)

2. Down With Disease Jam > (12/31/93 Worcester Centrum)

3. Split Open And Melt (12/31/93 Worcester Centrum)

4. Runaway Jim (11/29/97 Worcester Centrum)

5. Llama (1991-12-31 Worcester Memorial Auditorium "The New Aud" - Worcester, MA)