Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Radiators to Play Final Shows in 2011

The Radiators to Play Final Shows in 2011

Sad news.  I've taken The Radiators for granted over the last 10 years or so.  But in the late 80's, before Jam Bands 2.0 arrived (Phish, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, Spin Doctors), The Radiators and The Grateful Dead kept the jam band flame alive.  And The Rads were more accessible and less hassle to see, playing clubs and festivals.

Over the years I had some memorable Radiators shows.  The many times I saw them at Jambalaya Jam on the river in Philly on Memorial Day weekend, fueled by margaritas, beer and alligator po' boys.  The night at the TLA in Philly where they played a great show and then we walked blocks in the pouring rain to the hip martini beer only to get turned away because I had Chuck Taylors on.  The night at The Ritz in NYC at the height of their unfortunately limited popularity, when guitarist Camile Boudoin melted Hatfield's face, keyboardits Ed Volcker became know as "Big Daddy" amongst my circle of friends and my friend bought weed outside the venue only to find it was oregano. 

And the greatest Rads show of all, the night before Mardi Gras at Tipitina's in New Orleans.  Exhausted from three days of non-stop partying, Dave & I soldiered on for one more night to see a mammoth three set show that found us stumbling from the club at dawn and the band was STILL playing.

02-26-90, Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA [Mon]

I: Holiday, Have A Little Mercy, Oh Beautiful Loser, I Want To Live, Mood To Move, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Boomerang, Hurtin' For It, Crawfish Head, Last Getaway> Ain't Nothing You Can Do, Rosie, Meet Me Down In Birdland, I Just Want A Little Bit, Doubled All Up In A Knot, Love Is A Tangle

II: Total Evaporation, Devil's Dream, Like Dreamers Do, One Eyed Jack, Rollin' Stone, Fall Of Dark, Tell Me How Do You Feel, Little Paradise, You Won't Miss What You Can't Measure, I Ain't Ready For It, Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee O'Dee> Iko Iko, Lucinda> The Magnificent Seven> Cissy Strut

III: I Walk On Guilded Splinters, Brown Eyed Girl, Freeway, Let It Bleed, Willin', Hard To Handle> It's Your Thing, Suck The Head> Danang> Turn On Your Lovelight

E: Never Let Your Fire Go Out, Hang On, Sloopy, Soul Kitchen

I hope the show the Radiators played last month at The Hat Factory will not be their last time in Richmond.  If I had known then that might be their last go-around, I would have made every effort to go.  But with kids and activities and bills, I let it slide.  I know that if they come back one more time before the end, I will be there to dance with them one more time, say thanks, and pay tribute to the Law of The Fish.

Long Live The Radiators!

Tony Jordan