Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tonight: Matt & Kim, Three Sheets to the Wind

A quick post on tonight's music action in Richmond.  I was going to do this last night but was too shocked, angry and depressed after the Phils blew it in the 9th against the Giants.  I knew we were in trouble when all the "experts" said the Phils were the overwhelming favorites to win the World Series.  Odds are now heavily against us even making the Series.  I hope to have a blog up on the full music activities for the weekend later tonight but that will again depend on the results of the Phils game and how I feel and how late it is.\

Anyway, enough of "woe is me and my woeful team" blubbering.  Matt & Kim will be at The Canal Club tonight.  Tix are $18 and doors open at 7 PM with Donnis opening.  Matt & Kim hail from hipster Mecca, Brooklyn NY.  You may like Matt & Kim if you like The Decemberists, B-52s, New Order, or Elastica. 

Here you can listen to their song "Lesson Learned" while watching them gettin' nekkid in Times Square.  I love watching the people who try to be cool and not look at the naked people.  Be sure to watch until the surprise ending.

Also tonight at The Republic, Richmond's favorite yacht rock band, Three Sheets to the Wind, will perform the greatest 70's smooth rock hits of ALL TIME!  Festivities get under way at 10 PM and its FREE. 

Have a great day!


Tony Jordan