Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Video Killing the Concert Vibe?


This article from the Wall Street Journal wonders whether people who are videoing concerts with their phones are ruining the concert experience.  While I am somewhat happy to see some footage of  bands on YouTube, it is distracting during a concert when the guy in front of you has his hand up with his phone in it for an entire song or most of the concert.  Personally, I would never want to sit there and video tape a show for the same reason I don't tape shows or take pictures at shows.  I want to watch and listen without having to fumble around with equipment.  I want to be "in" the show as much as possible.  I am grateful to the people that want to tape shows and if that's something you enjoy, more power to you and I'll buy you a beer.

Perhaps bands need to do what the Grateful Dead, Phish and other bands that allowed taping did with tapers when they started to put their mics up all over the arena.  Have a designated video section.  You have to buy a designated video ticket and/or congregate near the soundboard.  Anyone else videoing will be asked to put it away and if there is a second offense, will have to leave.  That way bands can get their promotion, the video will probably get better because the hardcore video guys will take over and I won't have some dude's iPhone blocking my view.

Thanks to Live Music Blog for bringing this article to my attention.