Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ticketmaster: A Step In the Right Direction

Ticketmaster took a step in the right direction today to be more fan friendly.  They will now reveal service charges up front rather than waiting until the point where you enter your credit card info.  That will help you determine the true price of the ticket before you buy and then can decide if you still want the ticket.

They also will have a three-day return policy which cuts off a week before the show.  That is you have three days after you buy the tickets to return the tickets.  Would like to see them just extend this as an open return policy until a week before the show but I understand that they can't do this because of the ticket brokers.  They can't have a ticket broker buying 100 tickets, waiting until a week before the show and then dumping them back into the system via return.  If we can't get rid of the ticket brokers at least we have to make them take the risk that they'll lose money if they have to eat tickets or sell them for a price lower than face.

This is all lined out in Ticketmaster's new blog, Ticketology.  Should be interesting to see how this blog develops over coming months.