Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drive-By Truckers, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Tribute Bands

A good weekend of music coming up at the National this weekend. Saturday is my beloved Drive-By Truckers, the best American rock band of the decade. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 day of show, doors open at 7, and show starts at 8 with opener Tift Merritt. If Bruce Springsteen, William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams had a baby who grew up watching 70's B action movies and listened to AC/DC, 80s punk and metal, Skynyrd, The Stones & Neil Young, that baby would be named Drive-By Truckers. The people love 'em. Get your tickets early because the show will probably sell out. The critics love 'em. Scores for the last four albums on Metacritic: 83 (out of 100) for "Brighter Than Creation's Dark", 78 for "Blessing and A Curse", 87 for "Dirty South", 87 for "Decoration Day" and Rolling Stone gave their epic "Southern Rock Opera" four stars. And to top it off ,it will be a Saturday night show with the crowd that a bartender at The National said is the biggest drinking crowd they get. Its gonna be hot, its be sweaty, its gonna be drunk and its gonna be rock n' roll.
Here they are on their recently released show from Austin City Limits doing "The Righteous Path":

On Sunday night at The National, Michael Franti & Spearhead come riding in on their biggest success so far, "Say Hey (I Love You)". Michael appears to be recovered from his emergency appendectomy last month and they'll be bringing their positive vibrations to the stage. Tix are $23.50 in advance, $26 day of show, doors open at 7, show starts at 8 with opener Aquabatics, a band from Richmond. Here is the article on Michael Franti in Thursday's Times-Dispatch. You always leave a Spearhead show high off the positivity and the only reasone I'm missing this one is because I'll be hitting up the DBT show the night before. Here is the video for "Say Hey":

If you want to get your 80s on for FREE on Saturday night, you can head to Innsbrook for the Season Finale featuring tribute bands Bruce in the USA- Tribute to Bruce Springsteen with Limelight- RUSH Tribute and Even Better than the Real Thing- U2 Tribute. If you really want to buy Gold Circle seats for this (Bah!), you can for $25. Otherwise the show is free and gates open at 4 PM.

I'll leave you with this video that I saw on BuzzFeed that I found very moving. No joke. It reminded me that life is full of little moments that may seem inconsequential at the time but you'll sometimes remember little moments like this more than you remember what are supposed to be the "big" moments in your life. For example, one of the few memories I have of my grandfather (who died when I was nine) was walking up to Dunkin Donuts one morning when he was visiting my house. On our way up to the store, he stopped and pointed out a mockingbird on a wire. A minor thing, nothing really "happened" but somehow its stuck with me. Now I am beginning to wonder what little moments my kids will remember when they are 40.

I'll see you at DBT on Saturday night. Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan