Friday, May 22, 2009

Where do all the tickets go? Bruce in Richmond?

Ever wonder where all the tickets to the big shows go? broke down a report about where the tickets went to the two Springsteen concerts that recently wrapped up in the Meadowlands. That was the ticket sale where Ticketmaster either locked up customer's computers with an application snafu or sent them to their market site, TicketsNow. Turns out there were about 10,000 less seats to begin with. Here's the story:

BTW, Springsteen announced last night that he will be the last musical act to play Giants Stadium before they blow it up after this football season. He'll be there September 30, October 2, and October 3. Why does that matter to us? Well, that bodes well for a fall tour which may bring Bruce back to Richmond. We'll keep you posted.

Tony Jordan