Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shooter Jennings, Future Rock

A couple shows on Thursday night:

Groovin' In the Garden kicks off its season tonight at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Its good to have them back after a year off. Shooter Jennings (son of Waylon) will play if the rain holds off. Tix are $15 and doors open at 5:30. I heard that they have made some improvements to the stage area to improve sight lines, which weren't that bad before. Shooter plays alt-country that definitely has a heavier rock feel to it.

At the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum, electronica/jamtronica band Future Rock w/ Shout Out Out Out Out play at the Canal Club tonight. Show time is 10:00 and tix are $15. Here is what the Live Music Blog had to say about them:

"As a Chicago native, I’m always proud to give a shout-out to Chi-town bands. I lived in Chicago for about four years and was able to catch Future Rock rock out the local club circuit a number of times with their unique brand of live electronic rock. In my opinion, this trio doesn’t get nearly enough respect in the electronic rock or "jamtronica" scene (ugh, I really dislike using the latter label, but it is useful). So it’s great to see these guys grabbing a nice headlining slot at the Metro and a spot at this year’s Rothbury Festival, because they’ve been serious tour workhorses for the last five+ years, and they keep putting together great tunes and a killer live show. Although Future Rock is just as likely to get the house jumpin’ as a band like Lotus or the Disco Biscuits, their sets are a bit more geared towards the songs and crafting cool textures and themes. They also have picked some great covers to hone their sound (check out their takes on Daft Punk and Aphex Twin for some great examples).

Bottom line: These two should make for a nice, dance-friendly show, but with enough exploration and substance to keep you interested."