Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Feat & Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Little Feat comes to Innsbrook on Wednesday night. Tix are $15 at the gate and gates open at 6 PM. Any military, police, fire, or emergency medical service personnel will be granted free admission into this concert with a valid ID proving their service. This includes active and non-active members.
They must not have sold too many tickets to this show because I will be going thanks to some tickets given to me by Mike L. He got them as he was leaving the Elliot Yamin show on Saturday. He says his wife made him go see Elliot.

Not sure why tix aren't selling why since Little Feat has always done well at Innsbrook in the past. May be the economy, may be the fact that the Feat haven't had a charting album or song in a while though that's due partially to the fact that its hard to get airplay these days. Anyway, the Feat always put on a great show, they have one of the greatest rhythm sections in rock history (Sam Clayton (percussion), Richie Hayward (drums) and Kenny Gradney (bass)) and "Waiting For Columbus" is in my top five albums of all time so its gonna be a good time.

I did just find out that the female singer, Shaun Murphy, that has been with the band for 16 years just left in February. It looks like it was amicable since she is still on their web site. Email messages from the band and Shaun indicate that the band asked her to leave. So on this tour and going forward it will just be the boys.

Here's the band doing "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" on their European tour earlier this month:

Opening for Little Feat will be Tea Leaf Green. Tea Leaf Green are a blues & classic rock influenced jam band and should be an excellent fit for the Little Feat crowd. What I've seen and heard from them has been good, though they don't have me doing back flips yet. They are certainly worth a look so get there early.
Here they are live in Las Vegas earlier this year:

Over at the Canal Club, the great New Orleans funk/jazz act, Dirty Dozen Brass Band will appear. Local acts The Dirty Truth and Bungalo 6 will open. There is an 8:00 show time and tix are $14.

Hope to see you at Little Feat.

Tony Jordan