Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old School Freight Train, Stephaniesid, Tracy Morgan

Old School Freight Train plays with Hoots & Hellmouth at the Capital Ale House Downtown on Friday night. Show starts at 10 and tix are $15. OSFT is starting to gain some buzz and do some festivals. They have just been added to the Wakarusa fest which takes place in Arkansas on June 4 - 7. OSFT is kind of local, hailing from C'ville. They've got an Americana/bluegrass kind of vibe going on. Here is a couple tunes from their DVD "Live At The Mystic":

Hoots & Hellmouth are getting a following of their own too so get there early.

Saturday, a band I'm starting to dig on, Stephaniesid, will be at the Capital Ale House. Show starts at 10 and tix are just $5. They are influenced by Bjork, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, and Sigur Ros. (BTW check out the Sigur Ros movie, Heima, when its on Sundance or IFC. Sigur Ros, who are from Iceland, travel around Iceland playing in small towns all over the country. It is beautifully filmed and is full of moving, haunting music.) But back to Stephaniesid. Here is the official video for the Nissan Outdoor Games 2008 that used their music and has cool footage of people doing crazy things.

Comedian Tracy Morgan from the funniest show on TV, 30 Rock, comes to The National for two shows on Saturday night. First show is at 8, second show at 10:30 and tix are $25. Be prepared for anything when Tracy shows up because that dude is crazy! My favorite 30 Rock is the one where Tracy's meds get messed up and he keeps seeing a little blue dude.

On Wednesday, out at John Paul Jones Arena, The Dead come to town. Good seats are still available.

Finally, if you are preparing your Easter feast, you may want to consider some potato salad. Stick with this video until the ladies start to get all bendy a little past a minute in. Crazy!

Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan