Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grateful Dead article in NYT

Good article on The Grateful Dead and the eternal debate on favorite show, tour, era. This is from the New York Times.

The Cornell show was one of the first tapes I had. The other being the Great American Music Hall show from 75 when they debuted the material from the "Blues For Allah" album. You can find that show as the "One From the Vault" CD.

I don't know if I can pinpoint a greatest show, though the Veneta OR show they speak of in the article would certainly rank as one of my faves. For my money, the best year for the Grateful Dead was 74. Most of the songs from the canon had been written, they could nail the Americana stuff but could also still get way out with a 30 minute Dark Star. They also seemed to have a jazzier bent then some other years. Been listening to some excellent shows from 6/22 & 23/74 in Miami lately. Here is 6/23:

Favorite shows I attended: 6/17/91, 9/10/91, 10/16/89 (available as the "Nightfall of Diamonds" CD), and 8/5/89.