Thursday, February 12, 2009

Out O Blue Stage Revue, CJ Chenier, Mae, Prince

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I guess because V-Day falls on a Saturday this year, its a pretty slow weekend for music.

But if you feel like heading out on Sunday afternoon and showing your honey you support good causes, go on down to the Canal Club for the Out O Blue Stage Revue to benefit The Positive Vibe Cafe, the Central VA Food Bank, the Eric E Stanley Foundation and Page Wilson. The show runs from 2 - 1o PM and costs $20 donation. Here is the musical lineup:
2:30 - Page Wilson with Reckless Abandon (Billy Lux, Charles Arthur, Jim Skelding, Jay Gillespie), 3:20 - Kip Williams Quartet featuring James "Saxsmo" Gates & Anthony Dowd, 4:10 - Susan Greenbaum, 5:00 - Terry Garland with Bruce Courson, 5:50 - Janet Martin Band, 6:40 - Brad Spivey & the Honky Tonk Experience, 7:30 - Gary Gerloff Band, 8:20 - L'il Ronnie & the Grand Dukes, 9:05 - Bruce Olsen & the Offenders.

Should be some great music. A lot of you are off on Monday and its going to get chilly again this weekend, so get warm by moving your butt and warm someone's heart with your kind donations. There will also be a Raffle & Live Auction.

Tuesday night, get ready for Mardi Gras with CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band at the Capital Ale House Downtown. Doors open at 7 and tix are $15. Here is what the Ale House site says about CJ: "C.J. Chenier was literally born into the musical tradition of southwest Louisiana and Texas Zydeco, a chugging, accordion-led blend of French Creole and African-derived influences. Born the son of great Zydeco king Clifton Chenier, the first Grammy Award winning musician of his genre, C.J. was totally immersed in R&B, funk and jazz from childhood.
Coming into adulthood, C.J.'s interest in the music of his ancestors grew and after college graduation he joined his father's legendary Red Hot Louisiana Band on the road. After his father's death in 1987, C.J. assumed leadership of the band. While he continued to develop his personal accordion style, C.J. also gradually began grafting on influences from his boyhood. As C.J. explains, "I play it the way I play it. All my father really told me was to do the best I could do with my own style.""

On Wednesday night at the Canal Club, Mae plays with Conditions, Against Grace, The Bigger Lights and We The Living opening. Show starts at 6:30 and tix are $15. Mae play alt-pop and hail from the Norfolk/VA Beach area.

Since its a slow week its time for another installment of Remember the Spectrum. For this one we go to a historic tour, Prince's Purple Rain tour, pulling into Philly on Thanksgiving night, November 22, 1984. I had been a Prince fan for a few years beginning with the 1999 album and of course 1984 was Prince's biggest year with the release of the Purple Rain movie and album. The tour was sold out but my girlfriend, Jennifer (also a big Prince fan), and I had managed to get seats in the third level but on the railing and close to stage so they weren't bad. If I remember her brother went with us, which was good because we weren't driving yet and the show was a late start due to the holiday, 9 or 10 PM, I think. The parts that stand out in my mind were the opening song, "Let's Go Crazy", when Prince rose from underneath the stage surrounded by smoke and light as he delivered the opening monologue ("Dearly beloved....").
The other moment that stands out was the "I Would Die For You/Baby I'm a Star" finale with Sheila E. (the opener) and her band. Must have gone on for 15 minutes with Prince conducting his giant funk orchestra and dancing and whirling about the stage. This show solidified my Prince fandom, with Prince extending and manipulating songs with one of the tightest bands EVER (The Revolution) and moving non-stop for the length of the show. I would not miss another chance to see him over the next 25 years.

Couldn't find video of either (Prince is pretty notorious for keeping his videos off of the web), but here is one of underrated songs from Purple Rain, live from the Purple Rain tour, "Computer Blue". This feature Wendy simulating fellatio on Prince, great Prince guitar work, band choreography and some typical Prince weirdness (the voiceover stuff at the end) all in less than five minutes. Enjoy!

We thought they were dead and gone but the band that ruined rock music for a good five years is making a comeback. Yes, its Limp Bizkit. Does anyone really want this? Couldn't someone put a stake into these guys before they play again?

Now I couldn't leave you on that note, especially on this holiday of love. In the spirit of the day, please enjoy this video from Finland's Armi & Danny, "I Wanna Love You Tender".

Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan