Monday, December 29, 2008

Robert Randolph, Delaney Bramlett, New Year's Eve

Happy 6th day of Christmas! Hope you are all resting up to party on New Year's Eve or if you are like me starting Tuesday night with a great concert.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band come to the National on Tuesday night. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8, tix are $23. Robert Randolph is the best blues guitar player since Stevie Ray Vaughn and I do not use SRV's name lightly. Robert & the band opened for Eric Clapton, played at Clapton's Crossroads festivals and Clapton plays on their latest album, Colorblind. So he has been annointed by the king. Robert plays a 13 string pedal steel guitar and when I saw him last year at Innsbrook there were some literally jaw-dropping moments. He mixes rock, blues, funk and gospel and its sure to make you dance. So join me at the show on Tuesday night. You won't be disappointed. And thanks to Phil B. for the ticket, a most excellent Christmast present.

Speaking of Clapton, Delaney Bramlett passed away on Sunday at the age of 69. The name may not pop out at you, but Delaney was instrumental in getting Clapton grounded after star project Cream and Blind Faith dissolved. Clapton joined Delaney, Bonnie & Friends and was able to be part of a band again where he wasn't the center of attention. Bramlett also produced and co-wrote songs on Clapton's first album, Eric Clapton.

If you are looking for some music on New Year's Eve, you have a full range of options from gore theater metal to down-home bluegrass.

Richmond's own GWAR will be playing at the National. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8 and tix are $25. Don't wear your good tuxedo to this show as GWAR has been known to spew fake(?) body fluids well into the audience. No word on whether you'll get a free champagne toast at midnight or will have to drink blood. Oderus Unrungus will make sure you have a splendid time.

On the opposite side of the musical specturm, the Canal Club will host a Richmond Roots Music New Years Eve Spectacular with Special Ed & The Shortbus, A Good Natured Riot, Jackass Flats and Fox Hunt. Show starts at 8 and tix are $20. No word on whether you'll get a free champagne toast at midnight or a jar full of moonshine. Note that this will be the final show for Special Ed & The Shortbus. Well, at least under that name. They are changing their name to the Hot Seats for these reasons (as posted on their website):
"Why The Hot Seats? A few reasons, thanks for asking! 1. This name still connotes the frenetic and jerky nature of the music we have chosen to play.2. The new name is not offensive to those who care about special needs issues.3. The band now is very different from the ragtag bunch who slapped together sets for a weekly gig at the Cary Street Cafe.4. "SEATS" is an acronym for Special Ed And The Shortbus, so, for any die-hard fans who care, the name remains intact, in spirit, anyway."

You can also head down to Carytown for the big Carytown New Year's Celebration. There will be a bunch of bands playing and the whole thing starts at 7 and ends with the ball "rising" over the Byrd Theater. It will cost you $2 to get in and bring your gloves. Its going to be chilly.

If you are still up to party on Friday, Moshe Dayan bring their hard rock to the National with three other bands. Doors open at 6:30, show time at 7 and tix are $13.

Have a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

Tony Jordan