Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Live & Gin Blossoms tonight at Innsbrook

Live & Gin Blossoms play tonight at Innsbrook. Looks like a nice night weather-wise. Tix are $20 at the door for General Admission and $35 for Gold Circle. Also, as a bonus: Anyone who buys a ticket for this show will receive a free general admission ticket for the The Greatest Beatles Show in The World-1964 "The Tribute" show on 5/28. Free tickets will be issued at the gate as you enter the LIVE show on May 14.

Live & Gin Blossoms both saw their greatest success in the 90s, with Live having #1 albums in 1994 (Throwing Copper) and 1997 (Secret Samadhi). More recent albums haven't made a huge dent on the charts or been as well receieved critically, but Live always put on a great show and I'm sure that hasn't changed.

Gin Blossoms commercial success peaked with New Miserable Experience in 1992 (4x platinum) and Congratulations...I'm Sorry in 1996 (#10 on the charts). They had some nice acoustic-type pop-rock hits but nothing that ever blew me away. I can't really speak to their live show. I don't think I've seen them live.