Thursday, March 13, 2008

SXSW Everywhere

The SXSW (that's South By Southwest) Conference has begun in Austin TX. This is the biggest music conference of the year, when dozens of bands and hundreds of music industry types and some regular fans too, head to Austin to find the "next big thing" and discover the new band who we'll be reading about for the next six months.

You can listen to a tiny chunk of SXSW on the NPR Music site (a great site for listening to performances of rock, jazz and classical music). The site is You can listen in from 1:30 - 6 PM today, then again from 9:15 PM - 1 AM today, then tomorrow from 2 PM - 7 PM. The full schedule is here: I'm sure they NPR will post all these performances on their site later so you can check them out at your convenience also.

If you have DirecTV you can check SXSW out on The 101 (that's channel 101) from March 13 to March 15 to catch eight hours of daily live coverage starting at 5 pm ET. Their schedule is here.

You can also find SXSW on XM radio on XM 52 - The Verge, and XM2 - XMX.

Check it out. You may just see your new favorite band.

Tony Jordan