Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shamrocks, Satellites, Bluegrass, Willie, Loose Ends

Let's jump right in. Saturday, you can party like the Irish at the Shamrock on the Block party, a free bash in Shockoe Bottom. Kids are welcome though there will be beer. It is a St. Pat's day fest. The party goes from noon to 6 PM. There are a number of local bands playing and the Georgia Satellites are the headliner, coming on at 4:45. The Satellites were one of the great, underrated bands of the 80s, an island of straight forward rock in a land of synth pop. They had a few big hits on their self-titled album in '86 including "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" and "Battleship Chains". I also really enjoyed their '89 album, Land of Salvation and Sin. Note that the lead singer from that period is no longer with the band. But if you only know "Keep Your Hands to Yourself", you probably won't notice and I'm sure these guys can still rock n' roll. Hopefully, the weather will hold out for this event. I have never been because I think every year it is cold and/or rainy and the forecast isn't looking too good this year either.

Saturday, great bluegrass act, the Del McCoury Band come into the National. Show time is at 8 PM and tickets are $17.50 in advance, $20 the day of show. These guys are one of the greatest bluegrass bands ever.

You can keep getting your Americana groove on Tuesday at the National when American icon and legend and your favorite 70+ year old pot head, Willie Nelson, is here. Show time is at 8 PM and tickets are $55.

R&B queen Jill Scott comes to the Landmark Theater on Sunday night. Show starts at 7 PM and tickets are $48. Jill Scott mixes old soul with hip-hop and I like everything she's done. Even if you can't get to the show, check out some of her tunes on her web site.

Finally, at Toad's Place on Wednesday, its a Richmond music showcase with DJ Williams Projekt (not a DJ, that's his name), Oregon Hill Funk All-Stars, The Silo Effect, and Aparallax. Tickets are just $5 in advance and $10 the day of show. Doors open at 7 PM.

A few loose ends:

One of the greatest shows in the history of TV wrapped up on Sunday night. That would be HBO's The Wire. This show took us inside the drug gangs of inner city Baltimore and the police who tried to catch them. It showed us the unions, the politicians and the schools in a city eating itself alive with corruption. I will miss my look into that world even though it was gut wrenching at times. If you didn't see it, check it out on DVD. Two of my favorite characters were the drunk, womanizing McNulty and the drunk Bunk. These two guys were the good guys, believe it or not. In one of my favorite scenes, McNulty & Bunk investigate a crime scene. This scene displays some of the black humor they would use to lighten the shows cynical feel. Its amazing the different ways they can say the f-word. Its almost poetic. Watch out if you're watching this at work.

Because nothing is funnier than a monkey with a gun. (Again, watch the language):

The Marvelous Crooning Child. Disturbing yet strangely entertaining:

And just because it is a strange and beautiful song and video, Mexican Radio.

Have a great weekend. Happy St. Pat's Day!

Tony Jordan