Monday, February 4, 2008

Reunited Grateful Dead - Live on Net Tonight!

The reunited Grateful Dead (BOB WEIR, MICKEY HART, PHIL LESH & FRIENDS) (all except drummer Bill Kreutzman) will be performing tonight at The Warfield Theatre in SF as a benefit for Obama Barack. This was just announced late Friday. The video website Iclips will be producing a live simulcast streamed via the Internet on at approximately 7:30pm PST.

This caused quite a stir on the Grateful Dead Hour mailing list. All it takes is one deadhead who is vehemently opposed to illegal immigration accusing the Dead and Barack of being traitors and calling for a boycott of the Dead to set the internet ablaze. And you thought the deadheads were all crunchy, granola types. Most of the non-attack replies were "You're entitled to your opinion but so are the Dead, so if you want to boycott them fine, but even if I don't agree with them, I'll still listen to their music and support them."