Thursday, October 25, 2007

Franti's kids, JT in Hell, Punks Love the Dead, Vegoose, Thunderbirds, Go-Go

Good evening! Let's begin by opening up the mailbag. We had a report from Beth S. on the Michael Franti show which took place on 10/11 at Toad's: "Michael Franti was amazing. I got to shake his hand while he was on stage and then after his performance he came down and hugged his fans...I'd be one of them! :o) I even got his guitar pick! One of the pics that you'll see, he got a little boy up on stage and let him sing "Light Up Ya Lighter." That was something I will never forget, what an awesome little dude to know the words to such a deep song!"

Here is the pic of the little dude with Franti and another shot from the show courtesy of Beth:
If you get a chance, check out the "Michael Franti & Spearhead: Live in Sydney" DVD for a good taste of his show. I got to watch it recently courtesy of a free Starz preview weekend. Little Willie and I danced around while watching it and he seemed to enjoy it as I know you will.

I also received an email from Mike L. letting me know that James Taylor was playing a Genworth benefit in Richmond. I knew this was going on but deliberately omitted it because I find JT as exciting as a limp wet noodle. I recognize his talent but want no part of it. I also believe there is a special place in hell where his version of "Mockingbird" with his then wife, Carly Simon, plays on an endless loop. To spend some time in my hell and see some bad white people dancing, you can check this out:

My dislike for JT stems from my first semester freshman year college roommate, Todd. Todd was the whitest of white bread boys from Greenwich CT. Even other white boys from Greenwich CT thought Todd was incredibly bland. So I show up for freshman year with long hair playing The Cult, Led Zep and the Stones. Todd shows up with three CDs and plays the same three CDs all the time. I am not exaggerating. He really only listened to three CDs. Those CDs were "James Taylor's Greatest Hits", Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell", and "Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits". I learned to despise all of them. I have come to love Paul Simon's solo stuff and while I like S&G, I don't really go looking for it. "Bat Out Of Hell" has also moved to OK, mainly due to drunken rail dancing to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" at Phi Psi's parties. But JT, well, I still have to change that radio station immediately if he rears his ugly little bald head. I'll listen to just about anything once, but JT makes my list of people/bands who I must change immediately or run screaming from the room if they come on. The others on the list: Journey, Celine Dion, Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", "The Electric Slide" and anything by anyone associated with American Idol.

Moving onto happier things, check out a great article from Crawdaddy, "Are You Grateful For the Dead?" about a self-confessed angry punk's coversion from hating the Dead to having her "inner hippie find the courage to come stumbling into the daylight." This a good read whether or not you look the Dead as the author mentions a number of musicians who you may be surprised to find out are Deadheads.

On Saturday (starting at 12:45 PM) and Sunday (starting at 1:15 PM) you can check out the webcast from Vegoose, the concert the Bonarroo people put on in Vegas this weekend. Here is the link: Never really know who they will play and they tape delay some people so they have continuous music but artists at Vegoose include Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Rage Against The Machine, the aforementioned Michael Franti & Spearhead, moe., Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Queens of the Stone Age, Robert Randolph, and others. I love these webcasts because you get to discover some bands you may not have discovered and also see if they can bring it live. And you don't have to pay $150 and stand out in the Vegas heat. Not that I would mind.

If you want to see live music, head to Toad's on Friday night for The Fabulous Thunderbirds, playing their brand of Texas blues. Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:30. Its an all ages show and tix are $22 or $30 for Gold Circle (Booo, Gold Circle!).

If you want to dance your booty off, check out the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown at Toad's on Saturday night. This is an all ages show, doors at 8, show at 9, $25 in advance, $30 day of show.

If you want to eat haggis and see large men in skirts throwing telephone poles, see the Highland Games & Celtic Festival out at the Raceway Complex. Tix are $19 and kids under 10 are free.

Here is what's going on at the Capital Ale House Downtown. Band descriptions are theirs, not mine.

Back Alley Hoodoo, Friday, October 26, 5:00pm for Free. Together since late 2006, Back Alley Hoodoo is focused on bringing a natural sound and old school style to Richmond's Blues scene. Delta, Texas, Chicago, and even West Coast Jump all played roles in the formative years of Hoodoo's members, and today they bring it all home with a vengeance.

NrG Krysys, Friday, October 26, Doors open at 9:00, $7.00. Don’t miss the live sweatbox sounds of Richmond’s NRG Krysys. Their ’60s and ’70s soul and funk grooves have been steaming up the dance floors of clubs, restaurants, and private parties around town since the summer of 2001. Members Coby “Deep C” Batty, John “J Lo” Gotschalk, Kevin “Special K” Pittman, Armistead “Full Force” Wellford, Stephen “SuperSoul” McCarthy, and Todd “Bad Biggie T” Woodson comprise a Richmond “supergroup” of sorts as veterans of local and nationally known bands such as Love Tractor, The Fugs, Jayhawks, Long Ryders, Gutterball, The Red Hot Lava Men, The Skychiefs, The Nocturnes, and The Henry Mancini Orchestra, among others. And remember… no parking on the dance floor.

Jimmies Chicken Shack, Saturday, October 27, Doors open at 9:00, $7.00 in advance, $10.00 day of show. One gig is all you need to see to realize that the Annapolis, Maryland based quartet thrive in their own mildly twisted universe. And the first to admit it is Jimi HaHa, the front man of the eclectic group, who's known for his own brand of manic energy. "We mix up a lot of different sounds," he says. We’re schizophrenic because our tastes are." From bluesy rap-infused grooves to hard rock, their kick-ass, live set is lesson in controlled diversity from the band with the wacky name.

Willie is about to wake up so I have to take him up to the chuck wagon aka Mommy and then I'll be putting Zach to bed. After that, I'll try to stay awake for the entire World Series game 2. Ahhh, domestic life!

Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan