Thursday, September 6, 2007

Paul Anka, George Jones

Hello, hello. I'm listening to XM's 70s station now and just heard Paul Anka's "Times of Your Life". I'm being quite open tonight and in touch with my feelings when I tell you that the song chokes me up a little. I'm not sure if its the lyrics, the music or that it was used in all those Kodak commercials in the 70s. It reminds me of the whole family sitting around on a Sunday night watching that big Sunday night event TV, whether a movie like "Gone With The Wind", or a TV premiere like "Battlestar Galactica" or a mini series like "Roots" or "Shogun". Those days of true water cooler TV, before VCRs and TiVos when you had to watch it when it was on or miss it. In a way the song "Times of Your Life" reminds me of those early comforting times of my life. Oh man, I am getting way overly sentimental. Must be because my next kid will probably be born next week.

Now they are playing Cher's "Half Breed". That song just makes me laugh. Though I did quite enjoy the "Sonny & Cher" show when I was a kid.

Speaking of overly sentimental moving into the maudlin, that is what country hits radio is these days. A whole bunch of crappy, over-produced, sensitive songs about God, family and country sung by men with shaved chests in black hats and American Idol divas who think they are talented because they sing a note long and loud. If you want to hear real country music, country music about drinkin' and cheatin' and drivin' a pick-up with your old hound dog, check out George Jones, Sunday night at the Landmark. Show starts at 7 PM, tickets are $38 - 48. This is a man who has placed over 160 songs on the country charts. This is a man who loved and lost Tammy Wynette. This is a man who, when his wife cut him off from alcohol, got on a riding lawn mower ride drunkenly into town to buy more. He did this not once but twice!

That's about all that's going on this week. I don't know if I'll have a blog next week. Looks like the new boy is coming early, maybe Wednesday, maybe Friday. Just as long as he waits until after this weekend so we can make final preparations.

Here's some stuff going down at Capital Ale House Downtown:

Lipbone Redding, Friday, September 7, After Work Brews & Blues 5:00-8:00pm, Free


Inventive voicestrumentalist and Southern Gentleman, Lipbone Redding, creates original songs that effervesce with New Orleans swing, Memphis grooves and New York City style. Though his songs stand alone, his entire show is greased with uncanny riffs of vocal trumpeting (AKA THE LIP-BONE*), booming mouth percussion, hilarious side moments and esoteric lyrics.

Whiskey Rebellion

Friday, September 7



The Whiskey Rebellion has covered a lot of ground in their first year together. Playing to audiences all over the region and bringing some attention to the band. They have been asked to come back to every venue they have played.

High-energy shows with solid playing is what you can expect from The Whiskey Rebellion. The band pushes the boundaries of traditional bluegrass music and has added a refreshing approach to the genre.


Green Giant

September 8

Doors open at 9:00


Green Giant plays a mix of Bluesy Funky Slightly Hard Edge Jam Rock from “Big Boss Man” to “Godzilla” with plenty of originals in between with the emphasis on having fun and getting in the groove.


Watermelon Slim

September 9

Doors open at 5:00


The Truck Drivin' Blues Man, Bill "Watermelon Slim" Homans is back with the band the Workers! Elwood Blues (a.k.a. Dan Akroyd) said, "He’s been a farmer, teacher, truck driver, and who knows what else. He’s also one of the best blues singers out there.”

Have a great weekend!

Tony Jordan