Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Earth, All Good, Stuff you should see while I'm at All Good

The big Live Earth concert starts tonight at 10 PM and will then take place all over the world for the next 25 hours or so. It'll be on TV starting at 9 AM tomorrow. Search you TiVo or cable for it. Thankfully, it won't be on MTV after their Live 8 debacle a couple years ago. What I learned during Live 8 was that the best way to watch this type of show is on the Internet. You can click on whatever city you want and watch its live feed with no announcers. So when the Crap-Eyed Peas are on in NJ or wherever they'll be and they are showing them on TV playing the dreadful "My Humps" (check out the very funny Alanis Morrisette version:, you can watch London or Brazil or Germany and find something a million times better. Check it out on

Speaking of the Crap-Eyed Peas, Fergie continued to confirm her lack of talent with an extremly underwhelming performance at the underwhelming Concert for Diana last Sunday. Not to mention that Fergie has just completed a deal to insert the name of certain products into songs she writes. Not write jingles. But actually put the names of products into songs on her albums. This is the most blatant sell-out of all time. I was just starting to get used to bands I like putting their songs in commercials because they can't their music played on the radio (a somewhat valid argument) when this comes along. When will Fergie just go away? She's not even very good-looking.

The Concert for Diana was heavy on the Brit-pop for obvious reasons. I did enjoy Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp, as I have been getting into Supertramp lately. Elton John played, and in the true spirit of Princess Diana, well, here you can read it for yourself:

I'm off to the All Good Festival next Thursday. There are still tickets available if you want to go. There will be quite a few bands for you to check out here in Richmond and C'ville.
Jason Isbell, former guitarist in the Drive-By Truckers, plays the Canal Club on Friday.
Cracker plays Ashland Coffee & Tea on Saturday. I'm going to go downtown and have a talk with Dave Lowery, lead singer of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. For the last two years, whenever Cracker or CVB have played Richmond, I have been away. Why isn't he consulting with me prior to making his tour schedule?
Bob Weir (from the Grateful Dead) will be playing Charlottesville Pavilion on Saturday. We'll see him at All Good on Friday night.
Del McCoury Band is at Charlottesville Pavilion on Sunday however he is opening for Vince Gill & Amy Grant so bear that in mind.

Also, next Wednesday, Los Lonely Boys play Innsbrook. I won't be going since I'll be at All Good for four days and will need to recover and not spend any $. I can confirm that Los Lonely Boys have a few albums out and not just the played to death song "Heaven". In fact, Los Lonely Boys are pretty good and play some fine Texas blues.